LitiGate is an end-to-end intelligent litigation platform enhancing every aspect of the litigation practice.

Litigation is a global and fast-paced business, until now hampered by tedious and repetitive manual tasks.  LitiGate harvests the power of AI technology to help lawyers deliver smarter and faster services to clients.  Automating repetitive tasks and revealing insights about cases, we free lawyers to focus on more meaningful and valuable legal work.  LitiGate digests the wealth of information within case documents to instantly identify, and classify the facts, arguments and key players in a case. We then connect the dots to reveal cases’ unique story maps.  Using advanced AI technology, LitiGate compares your cases against precedents to analyse legal arguments and show how like issues have been dealt with, and ruled on, before. Smart day-to-day case management tools enhance collaboration and bring agility to legal teams.

LitiGate's CEO, Nimrod Aharon, was driven to launch LitiGate by his vast legal experience as a Supreme Court clerk, a commercial litigator and a civil procedure expert, well versed in the intricacies, and challenges, of day to day practice. Combining his entrepreneurial spirit and legal expertise, Nimrod leads LitiGate’s journey to inspire lawyers to step into the future of law and focus on more meaningful and valuable work.  LitiGate's CTO, Guy Uziel, PhD, is a Deep Learning and NLP expert, and a former teacher at Israel Institute of Technology.  Guy and Nimrod lead and inspire LitiGate's growing team comprising an eclectic mix of machine learning engineers, data scientists and recovering litigators.

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